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Our Range of Disability Equipment

At Astor-Bannerman, we believe in working with our clients to provide the ideal care solution. With an extensive range of hard-wearing and practical disability equipment available direct to the public, we are always confident that your life can be made more comfortable with the right product from our durable selection.

Ranging from and changing tables, Astor-Bannerman’s selection of high-quality products can help to improve the everyday lives of people with all manner of mobility issues. Discover how we may be able to make a difference to you by browsing through our online catalogue which includes a range of disability care products.

Encouraging Independent Living

Increasing the independence of our customers and helping them to overcome common barriers is at the core of our company goals. We offer a flexibility of design and manufacture that enables us to tailor our products to suit the specific needs of each individual, as well as an installation and maintenance service that ensures your equipment is completely safe and fully functional.

We aim to go the extra mile; offering demonstrations, site surveys, installation, servicing and honest advice that will ease you through the purchase and on-going use of your new equipment. The whole process is designed, quite simply, to make the lives of less able people across the UK more comfortable and stress-free.

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